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Shaahsavan Tribes of Qom, Tehran, Qazvin and Zanjan provinces

Shahsavan Tribes of Qom, Tehran, Qazvin and Zanjan provinces

طوائف ترك شاهسون استانهاى آذربايجاني قم٬ تهران٬ قزوين و زنجان

Tribes of Iran

In the mid 19th century the region of Tehran had various tribes, amongst which the Shahsavan tribe proved the largest and comprised of 9,000 tents. The said would shuttle between Qom, Tehran, Qazvin and Zanjan within seasonal periods of the year, and scattered in these areas. Whereas the other smaller groups who ultimately struggled with poverty, refrained from decamping to other regions, and spent the cold winters in their clay dwellings.

There were two large tribes such as the Garoos and Shahsavan, the former comprising of 4,000 - 5,000 families, and the latter comprised of 2,500 tents. In the beginning of the 20th century, all these tribes, except for the Talesh tribe of the Gilan region and a minor portion of the Shahsavan tribe was settled down.


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