Friday, October 21, 2005

Shahsavan's of Saveh ساوه شاهسئوه نلري- شاهسونهاي ساوه

Where is SAVEH?

Shahsavan Tribe

SAVEH is city 50 miles south of TEHRAN. This city one of many the places that SHASAVAN tribe reside.

The majorty of SHAHSAVAN tribe are living in northwest of IRAN near city of ARDABIL and DASHTEH MOGHAN. There are small group of SHASAVAN who moved to the central of IRAN near SAVEH, KARMSAR and VARAMIN.

In Farsi(official language of IRAN) SHAHSAVAN means: "For those who love the Shah" - a 17th century title bestowed on warriors from these tribes who were defending Persia's northern border. Most of their weavings consist of functional pieces such as saddle bags, mafrashes and animal trappings. Their textiles frequently use the soumak and kilim weaves.

Another interesting historical issues about SAVEH is tomb of Magies.

Wise Men from the East
Hossein Behzad

According to Iranian tradition the tombs of the Magi who visited the infant Jesus are located in the ruins of SAVEH, IRAN.
"There were only two Persian Magi here: just as there were evidently only two buried at Saveh, only two portrayed on the enigmatic tiles, only two in the Mandaean account, and only two depicted in one of the oldest catacombs under Rome."
Paul William Roberts, Journey of the Magi (1995) p. 342


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